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FBT MUSE 118 FSN Cardioid-Arrayable Flyable Active Subwoofer -1×18” -1600Wrms – INFINITO Network

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FBT MUSE 118 FSN Cardioid-Arrayable Flyable Active Subwoofer -1×18” -1600Wrms – INFINITO Network





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FBT MUSE 118 FSN Cardioid-Arrayable Flyable Active Subwoofer -1×18” -1600Wrms (front version) – INFINITO Network




Cardioid-Arrayable Flyable Active Subwoofer. -1×18” -1600Wrms (front version) – INFINITO Network – *NO DANTE

MUSE 118FSN is an innovative powered subwoofer designed to create suspended clusters with omnidirectional or cardioid directivity, guaranteeing the same excellent aesthetic result.
Equipped with B&C 18 (460mm) neodymium woofer with 3.5 (88mm) voice coil and 1600W RMS amplifier capable of 140dB SPL, MUSE 118FSND is ideal to be suspended together with MUSE 210LND powered line array or in a separate cluster.




The MUSE 118FSND is an advanced powered subwoofer designed for suspended clusters with omnidirectional or cardioid directivity. It features a B&C 18″ neodymium woofer, 1600W RMS amplifier, and delivers 140dB SPL. Ideal for use with MUSE 210LND line arrays, its unique design allows reversible front-back positioning for cardioid setups, reducing rear SPL by over 15dB. The enclosure, built from 15mm birch plywood, supports suspending up to 8 elements. Equipped with a TCP/IP network interface, it integrates with FBT’s INFINITO software and DANTE devices. Additional features include an OLED display, intelligent ventilation, and a high-brightness blue LED for remote identification.

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  • Compact Hybrid band pass cardioid-arrayable subwoofer. Hybrid configuration permit to obtain extension and speed of vented with high SPL and acoustic filtering of band pass
  • Suspension hardware fully compatible with MUSE210LND allowing the enclosure to be suspended front or rear-firing for easy cardioid configurations
  • Very large area laminar-flow port to ensure no power compression and very low port turbulence
  • 18’’ (460mm) custom B&C neodymium magnet high excursion woofer with 3’’ (75mm) voice coil
  • Frequency Response from 33Hz @-6dB
  • Class D amplifier delivering 1600WRMS with switch mode power supply
  • Network interface TCP/IP – OCA70 compatible
  • EtherCon RJ45 input and output for daisy-chain
  • OLED DISPLAY and ENCODER with PUSH for easy onboard control
  • DANTE audio streaming with 24bit at 48-96KHz on TCP/IP network
  • 5/8’’ (15mm) birch plywood enclosure, scratch resistant black paint, 4 aluminum handles and heavy duty metal grille with synthetic protection cloth
  • M20 top mount stand socket
  • Optional 4 swivel-mount 4’’ (100mm) casters
  • Low frequency extension cabinet for the MUSE210LND line array for flying or ground stacked configurations
  • It’s possible to order Muse 118FSCA model that’s the version already factory preconfigured as rear facing for cardioid applications




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