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Volume Music Solutions

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It all started in 1990 owner and founder of Volume Music Solutions Mr Fahad Jamshaid started supporting his dad’s business Rabbi Traders Pakistan business dealing in Proffesional audio industry in Pakistan reigon. We use to manufactured amplifiers and speakers as a local produce of Pakistan from the components from scratch.In 2006 Mr Fahad migrated to UK and started going to trade exhibhitions such as Pro light and sound in Frankfurt Germany, Integrated systems Europe. In 2013 we started shipping used proffesional audio dj gear,musical instruments overseas to various countries. In 2019 Volume Music Solutions came into being and started developing accredited partnerships with various brands such as Next Pro Audio Portugal,Next Audiocom,Electro-voice,Dynacord,Studiomaster,Carlsbro.

"At Volume Music Solutions, we don't just deliver sound; we create experiences that resonate. Elevate your auditory journey with us."

Fahad Jamshaid Managing Director

Where Sound Meet Visuals

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