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JTS CH-2 Way Intelligent Charging Doc Microphone

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JTS CH-2 Way Intelligent Charging Doc Microphone


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JTS CH-2 Way Intelligent Charging Doc Microphone

The JTS CH-2 Way Intelligent Charging Doc is a versatile and efficient solution for recharging your wireless microphones. Designed with intelligence and convenience in mind, this charging dock supports simultaneous charging of two microphones, ensuring they are always ready for use. The CH-2 features an intelligent charging system that prevents overcharging and extends the battery life of your microphones. Its compact design and sturdy construction make it a reliable addition to any professional audio setup, whether in live performances, broadcast studios, or other demanding environments. Keep your wireless microphones powered up and ready with the JTS CH-2 Way Intelligent Charging Dock.

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The JTS CH-2 is our 2 way intelligent charging doc. This provides a convenient place to store the microphone whilst silently charging the AA batteries. Auto off prevents overcharging. It is able to charge either handhelds or body packs , max 2 at a time. Charge time 3 Hours


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